The first Russian billionaires spoke out against the war with Ukraine

Oleg Tinkov, Oleg Deripaska and Mikhail Fridman do not support Vladimir Putin’s decision to fight Ukraine

Oleg Tinkov and two other oligarchs opposed the war with UkraineOleg Tinkov and two other oligarchs opposed the war with Ukraine

The founder of Tinkoff Bank, which came under tough EU and US sanctions, Oleg Tinkov opposed the war with Ukraine. He pointed out that the death of people is unacceptable.

Businessman Tinkov announced this on Instagram .

“Now in Ukraine, innocent people are dying every day, this is unthinkable and unacceptable! States should spend money on treating people, on research into defeating cancer, and not on war. We are against this war!” – the message says.

It is worth noting that he is not the only Russian big businessman who spoke out against the war with Ukraine.

Earlier, Russian billionaire Mikhail Fridman (Alfa Group), as well as Oleg Deripaska (Rusal), close to the President of the Russian Federation, made similar statements.

At the same time, none of them called Putin a murderer and aggressor, and also did not say whose military and missiles are killing Ukrainians.

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  1. They can speak out now, but they can’t get too specific. As in Soviet times, you can criticize individuals, but not the system. Criticize the system and get an all expenses paid vacation to a Siberian labor camp.

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