The expert calculated how much Russia has already lost due to full-scale aggression against Ukraine

According to the expert, only the beginning of the collapse of the Russian economy.

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The Russian economy has already lost $3 trillion due to the full scale aggression against Ukraine.

This was announced by the scientific director of the Ukrainian Institute of Economic Leadership Yaroslav Romanchuk in his blog.

“In less than a week of war, and its initiator, the aggressor, lost almost one trillion dollars. And if we take into account the radical decline in the value of assets, real estate, land, savings, a sharp deterioration in access to the credit market and the payment system, then the losses will exceed three trillion dollars” , the expert noted.

And this, according to the expert, is only the beginning of the collapse of the Russian economy.

“So who is Putin fighting for? For the well-being of the Russians? See for yourself. The losses are simply frightening. And this is just the beginning. There will be no currency for the average person. There will be no travel abroad. There will be no familiar financial services and consumer goods. Castrated Internet “Official ideology. Everything is in step with the president. Mandatory rituals of loyalty. And that’s it,” Romanchuk summed up.

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