UPDATE: Russian ruble “in a coma” at the opening of trading: fell by 40%

Violetta Orlova06:47, 28.02.22 – UNIAN

The course may even reach the bottom when the Moscow Exchange opens.

On the Tokyo Stock Exchange, where morning trading has already begun, the ruble first fell sharply by 30% and then by 40%. 

In Russian exchange offices on Sunday, February 27, the dollar cost from 100 to 190 rubles. And the official exchange rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation is 83.5 rubles per dollar.

Financiers do not rule out that on Monday, February 28, the ruble at the opening of trading will reach 300 per dollar.

It should be noted that the Bank of Russia has decided to start trading on the currency and money markets of the Moscow Stock Exchange at 10:00 Moscow time (09:00 Kyiv time).

We will remind that on Forex the dollar is traded about 113,5 rubles, and euro – 127 rubles. This is a historical maximum.

It will be recalled that on February 28, the EU banned operations related to the management of reserves and assets of the Central Bank of Russia, completely closed the skies for Russian aircraft . And disconnection from SWIFT will lead to even greater losses for Russia.


  1. Small detail: The blocked Russian Bank accounts can not more be used to fund the Russian Army.
    These National Welfare Accounts.(War accounts) were used to fund the Army outside the State budget!!!!

  2. I think the drop is unprecedented! I’ve never seen such a downward “curve” in another currency in another time before. This will be a shock for the country once it drives home. I think we haven’t seen the bottom yet. I’d rather place my bets on toilet paper now.

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