Russian Marine conscripts riot when ordered to land ‘straight to Odessa’

“Dumskaya” managed to contact the relatives of several Russian marines of the 810th brigade of the Russian Federation, which is deployed in the Crimea.

They told us some of the details of yesterday’s failed amphibious assault attempt “straight to Odessa.”  

It turns out that the command of the Russian Nazis, indeed, planned such an adventure, and large landing ships, you won’t believe it, were going to moor to the Luzanovsky beach mined and blocked by anti-tank hedgehogs, having previously worked out the surroundings from multiple rocket launchers. At the same time, enemy helicopters and a large number of UAVs were flying in the bay.

The Ukrainian air defense and other defenders of Odessa were preparing to give a decisive rebuff to the enemy, but at the very last moment the Russians got in touch and asked to be given the opportunity to leave the bay.

It turns out that a real rebellion took place on the ships of the Russian Nazis: the conscript boys refused to obey the order and storm the coast of a large million-plus city. They may have been horrified by the very idea of ​​such a crazy operation, but we are inclined to believe that Russian youths were slightly frightened by Ukrainian marines, most of whom spent five or more years in the war. In fairness, it must be said that the Ukrainian troops acted like human beings by not massacring right in the bay.

In general, it did not happen, and thank God – war is a terrible thing, you already know this, and Russian mothers will find out very soon, unfortunately.

Today, according to our information, the Russians will try to create something new, but this is already agony.

They didn’t pass!



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