Russia-Ukraine negotiations are over, says source


GOMEL REGION /Belarus/, February 28. 


The Russian-Ukrainian negotiations are over and the meeting lasted five hours, a source taking part in the talks told TASS on Monday.


“They have been concluded,” the source said.


The participants in the meeting are expected to give comments for the media on the results of the negotiations.


Presidential Aide Vladimir Medinsky is leading the Russian delegation. It also includes Deputy Foreign Minister Andrey Rudenko, Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Fomin and Chairman of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs Leonid Slutsky.


Ukrainian Defense Minister Alexey Reznikov is leading the Ukrainian delegation along with Advisor to the Ukrainian Presidential Office Mikhail Podolyak, Head of the faction “Servant of the People” David Arakhamiya, First Deputy Head of the Ukrainian delegation in the Contact Group on settling the situation in Donbass Andrey Kostin, Ukrainian legislator Rustem Umerov and Deputy Foreign Minister Nikolay Tochitsky.


Medinsky said earlier that the Russian delegation was willing to negotiate with the Ukrainian side for as long as it takes to clinch agreements. He also said that the meeting was postponed several times last night, its venue was re-arranged, and as a result, the original option was selected – the Gomel Region near the Ukrainian border.


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    • The rodent told Macron the terms of surrender for Ukraine. No change. Fight goes on.

  1. No need to announce anything. It’s going to be back to the killing fields. Fuck mafia land and fuck the pedophile shithead!

  2. Folks, I’ve tried to register myself with the Ukrainian embassy and/or consulate as a fighter, but I can’t get on their websites. I’ve tried in the US and in Europe. Their website seems to have been shut down by mafia hackers. Their phones aren’t even working! I’ve e-mailed them, but I have little hope that this will work too. Does anyone of you guys have an idea what I could do?

      • It will probably take quite some time to heal and to trust in Russia again but in any case, the negotions must continue.

        • Yes. We are struggling with corruption, more corruption and most corruption, plus russophobia for eight years now. Ukraine got fucked and abandoned. A truly free Ukraine must be achieved.

        • I don’t know and I don’t trust negotiations with the KGB zit. He could lie to his mother with a straight face. Short of his resignation or imprisonment I don’t see anything to talk about. It will be the same as Minsk, signatures but ONLY YOU have to follow the deal.

        • Yes, and i saw the picture of little Polina, i just wonder for how long the others in the russian ruling class are gonna accept this, or the military?
          They should be aware of the insanity in this war by now. If they think this will benefit Russia they are deluded.

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