Police destroy two Russian tanks in Kharkiv Region

Police destroy two Russian tanks in Kharkiv Region

28.02.2022 20:50

Two Russian tanks have been destroyed by the police in Derhachi, Kharkiv Region, which is temporarily under the enemy’s control.

The relevant statement was made by the National Police of Ukraine in Kharkiv Region, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.

“The city of Derhachi is temporarily under the enemy’s control, but it does not matter at all. The enemy vehicles are on fire there as well. The Ukrainian military, National Guard, police, territorial defense units, citizens will never consent to the occupation of Ukraine. All of us will smash the enemy, even in those territories that the aggressor state has temporarily entered,” the report states.

“We are once again calling on Russian soldiers to surrender, lay their weapons and run back home. You are not welcome here. You are hated here,” the police added.

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    • It looks to me like a lot of them had to answer to some villagers who didn’t want to help them very much ;)) Hey little Putin, the next time to try to take Ukraine you might want to tell the troops the truth and then also give them food and fuel for their adventure. He though Ukraine would fold in 2 days. A lot of Westerners did too. Few people understand Ukrainians like we do here.

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