“It will be worse than in the 1990s”: Kuleba on the consequences of new Western sanctions against Russia

Due to sanctions in Russia, cars and other equipment will rise in price.

Sanctions will destroy the Russian economy / photo ua.depositphotos.comSanctions will destroy the Russian economy / photo ua. 


Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba is confident that the new Western sanctions imposed on the Russian Federation because of the war against Ukraine will lead to the impoverishment of Russians, unemployment, hyperinflation, shortages and queues.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, Kuleba said this during an online briefing for Russian-language media about the ongoing invasion of Russian troops into Ukraine.

“The shock of the world community has been replaced by anger and actions. You could already pay attention to their results on the scoreboards of exchangers in your cities. The external conditions for the Russian economy have changed dramatically,” this is a quote, as the Central Bank of Russia said today. Of course, they have changed, only this is very mild speaking.In fact, the ruble fell into the abyss, like the entire Russian economy.The bottom has not yet been reached, but the flight has already begun.This is not a short-term effect, as they are now telling you on television, the fall and stagnation will be long and painful and will not stabilize “, Kuleba said.

“The standard of living that you had before February 24, 2022, before the start of the war of conquest against Ukraine, will no longer exist. And there will be impoverishment, delays, reductions in wages and payments, job cuts, curtailment of investments and construction,” the minister said.

“The sanctions that the West absolutely rightly imposed against Russia for this crime do not only apply to the oligarchs. Because of Putin’s actions, every citizen of Russia will feel them. Loss of access to modern technologies, depreciation of savings, unemployment, hyperinflation, shortages and queues. To pensioners “It will become even more difficult, and the youth will lose their future. In just a few days, Putin returned your entire large country to precisely those 90s, from which you Russians so wanted to escape forever. True, now it will be much worse than then,” Kuleba said.

He noted that the world community has imposed sanctions against Russia’s sovereign debt, against Russian banks, closed access to capital markets, imposed sanctions against the largest state-owned companies, and a ban on the supply of technology. Also, many countries have stopped issuing visas, the population will become poorer, and inflation will break through the ceiling, goods will disappear from the shelves, and savings will depreciate, loans will rise in price, and medium-sized businesses will suffer losses.

In addition, as Kuleba said, because of the sanctions in Russia, cars and other equipment will rise in price, and soon Russians will not be able to use credit cards, they won’t be able to buy anything on eBay, Netflix, Amazon, they won’t be able to travel to Europe and America.

“I am not exaggerating to scare you. This is a harsh reality. And you have already seen the first signs of it today. All this is the price that you are already forced to pay for the insane decisions of President Putin. And I have one question. And for what? What denazification and the demilitarization of Ukraine? Ukraine has never attacked or harassed anyone. The lies that have been poured into your ears for years that we are going to attack Russia are just blatant lies. Ukraine is not going to surrender. Today, all over our country there are queues at military registration and enlistment offices, and throughout your country there are queues at ATMs. Therefore, Russia will not be able to win this criminal and terrifying war,” Kuleba said.

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    • In this case the stupidity of the coterie of KGB thugs that Run Russia. The worst part of the sanctions is what it does to the Oligarchs. Those are the people Putin desperately needed to keep on his side. A number of them have seen their western assets seized and, in Canada, they will be turned over to the Ukrainians. The rest of them should be as well. The Russian owes Ukraine a vast amount of money for the damages in the Donbas alone.

    • Putin should never have underestimated the ferocity of the Ukrainian people in the defense of their freedom. It will destroy him.

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