“We need to be pulled out”: the military intercepted the negotiations of the Russians defeated near Kiev

Ukrainian fighters bombed the Russian military near Gostomel.


The Ukrainian military intercepted the conversations of the Russian military. On the sound recording, you can hear how the Russian occupiers are asking to be evacuated from Ukraine.

This was reported to UNIAN by the press officer of the rapid reaction brigade of the National Guard Khariton Starsky.

“The negotiations of the Russians were intercepted. They were defeated near Gostomel. It was one of the Russian columns that went to Kyiv. Ukrainians bombed them in the Irpen region. The invaders are asking to be evacuated from Ukraine. Very historical,” Starsky said.

On the recording, you can hear how the Russian military complains that they have a lot of losses and that they need to be “pulled out”:

“Write it down. On the bridge from Gostomel to Kyiv, they came under fire. The equipment was destroyed … completely. Part of us … we are moving towards the airport in the forest. Now we are thinking what’s next … Pass it on to the district. We need support, help. That is, we need to get out.”


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