“Unload your weapons, raise your hands. This is your ticket home”: the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine appealed to the Russians

Armed Forces of Ukraine recommends Russian occupiers to lay down their arms.

Evgeny Moysyuk / Facebook screenshot

Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Lieutenant General Yevhen Moysyuk addressed the Russian invaders.

“On behalf of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, I appeal to the Russian servicemen who were brought to our land by this senseless cruel war. Think about why you are here, what you are fighting for, what you want to achieve. I hope you are convinced that no one was waiting for you here and that you there is nothing to do on our land. Believe me, our cause is just, and you are a tool in the hands of your rulers,” Moysyuk said.

He also recommended that the Russians lay down their arms and raise their hands. Since this is the only option, how can they return home alive.

“We are giving you the opportunity to return to your loved ones without losing your life and dignity. Unload your weapons, raise your hands so that our military personnel and civilians can understand that you have heard us. This is your ticket home. Go defend your homeland, not destroy ours,” he added.


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  1. Surrendering is the only honorable and decent thing to do when you are fighting an unjust war against innocent people!

  2. Concerning the fact that so many are just 20 years young kids, it’s worth to save their lives. These kids have a whole life still to live, they should not get barbecued for Putin!

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