Ukrainian Roma stole a tank from Russian invaders near Kakhovka – locals

Ukrainians continue to repulse the invaders.

Gypsies stole a tank from the invaders / photo from UNIANGypsies stole a tank from the invaders / photo from UNIAN

For the fourth day now, the war in Ukraine, which was started by the Russian Federation, has been going on. Since February 24, Ukraine has been forced to repulse the Russian invaders and defend its lands.

In addition to the heroic work of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, civilians, including the Roma, come to the rescue. The latter tonight, February 27, stole a tank from the Russian invaders. And it happened not far from Kakhovka, in the village of Lyubimovka, Kherson region.

“Kherson region is hot. Gypsies stole a tank in the village of Lyubimovka. Once again. Gypsies. Tank. Stole. From Russians,” local residents write.

Recall that in the Chernihiv region, civilians tried to stop enemy tanks.

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