The battle for the airport continues near Vasylkiv

Violetta Orlova 04:25, 27.02.22 UNIAN

Due to the battle, rescuers can not start extinguishing the fire at the oil depot.

The head of the Kyiv regional state administration Oleksiy Kuleba states that the battle for the airport continues near Vasylkiv .

He announced this on his Facebook page .

“Currently, Russian troops have launched a rocket attack on the oil depot in the village of Kryachky in the Vasylkivka community. A large fire has broken out, which can be seen even from Kyiv.

At the same time, he said, gas supplies have been cut off so far.

“We have a direct hit in one of the 10 fuel tanks. The fire could spread to others. In this case, we are in danger of imminent environmental catastrophe. We are doing everything possible to prevent this!”, – said the head of KODA.

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We will remind that the Russian invaders struck on oil depot in Vasilkov in the Kiev region. There is a fire.

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