SBU has released secret documents of Russian invaders (photos)

Violetta Orlova 10:53, 27.02.22 UNIAN

SBU officers seized secret documents of the Russian military, which were bombed by Ukrainian security forces near Gostomel.

The press service of the Security Service of Ukraine reported that the special services and the armed forces received personal data on the Russian invaders, as well as secret passwords and ciphers used by the aggressor country. This will allow you to understand the essence of the intercepted conversations of the enemy.

Among the documents are also:

  • combat calculation with call signs of soldiers and commanders;
  • schemes of actions of the invaders: ways of attack, retreat, refueling, etc .;
  • conventional symbols of the enemy, in particular the decryption of control commands.

“The documents obtained will serve as evidence for the court, they will allow to control every name of the enemy occupiers and all of them who survive – will be punished,” – said in a statement the SBU.

We will remind, earlier in Chernihiv the SBU building burned down.


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