Russia threatens to strike convoys transporting foreign weapons to Ukraine


Russian military could destroy vehicles transporting lethal aid to Ukraine from the west once they cross the border.


That’s according to Andrei Klimov, the chief of the Russian Federation Council Commission on Protection of State Sovereignty, Ukrinform reports citing Rambler.


According to the Russian senator, as soon as such vehicles cross into Ukraine, where Russia is carrying out “demilitarization,” it could become a target of surgical strikes.”


It has been four days since Russia launched its war of aggression against Ukraine, invading the country from different directions.


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    • Putin has to worry about attacking a convoy from a NATO country too. I hope they’re just itching to jump in and fight the Moskali but I won’t hold my breath. So far it is only Ukrainians that have had the courage to confront Hitler 2.0

  1. Sounds like another desperate bluff. Like what I think about his activation of the nuclear weapons corps of his military. He should at least be intelligent enough to know that a military strike against another country’s aid transport would be yet another pretext for World War III. Maybe he’s counting on the rest of the supporting countries to be as fearful as my own country’s pathetic president biden, who claimed that as why he didn’t want to send troops for direct involvement. But putin can’t pull that off if SO MANY countries are sending their aid and weapons.

    Maybe he doesn’t care about anyone but himself, but he should realize how MUCH worse this would be for him if he really does attack another third-party country’s military units, even they’re only sending aid, and not troops.

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