Putin fires nuclear forces as ultimate threat

Putin fires nuclear forces as ultimate threat
Putin fires nuclear forces as ultimate threat

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the nuclear weapons division of the Russian army on Sunday to switch to combat mode. This is reported by Russian media and reporters from the AP news agency . It is a response to rising tensions with the West over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The Russian president is angry about the economic sanctions against Russia by various countries, including the EU. He is also not happy with the “aggressive statements” that top officials of NATO countries would make.

Western experts still consider it unlikely that Putin will use nuclear weapons. The threat of mutual destruction that existed between the Soviet Union and the West during the Cold War still applies.

At the same time, the nuclear threat is greater than it has been in decades. Military analysts warn that Putin sees Russia’s nuclear weapons arsenal as a valid strategic asset, while in the later years of the Soviet Union this was no longer the case.

The United States in a first reaction called Putin’s action an “unacceptable escalation”. “This means that President Putin is letting this war get further out of control in a way that we cannot accept,” said U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas-Greenfield.

In response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the European Union announced ” heaviest sanctions ever ” against Russia on Thursday. Strategic sectors will no longer have access to European technology and all banks will be cut off from European money flows.

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  1. I think he’s trying to use this as a desperate bluff. If he really does use nuclear weapons, then I’d expect the worldwide outrage would be so intense that it would really become another full world war. Or at least that russia would never recover, and even Russians who weren’t involved would face some kind of resentment.

    Don’t act like a spoiled brat, putin accept that you pushed too far, and pull back. If you keep going, you’d probably find nearly everyone but china against you. This would devastate russia for years to come.

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