Night for Kyiv will again be difficult, enemy trying to break into city – Klitschko


Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko called on the residents of the capital to spend the night in shelters.


“Tonight will be difficult again. Therefore, our defenders are preparing to defend the capital. And I urge the residents of Kyiv to spend this night in shelters. Because the enemy is getting mad. They are shooting at peaceful houses. They continue to destroy our infrastructure. Although they themselves suffer heavy losses – both human and military. Because, it seems, the Russians did not expect such a rebuff and such a spirit from the Ukrainian people, both military and civilian,” Klitschko wrote on his Telegram channel on Sunday.


He stressed that the Ukrainian servicemen are heroically fighting throughout the country, and the inhabitants have united to defend their state.


“The horde is also trying to break into Kyiv. But our residents are preparing to repulse the aggressor. Today I was at the fortifications that the people of Kyiv are helping build the territorial defense fighters. So that the enemy army does not get into our city,” the mayor said.


“I want to support the Ukrainian fighters and thank the inhabitants of Irpin, Vorzel, Bucha and Hostomel for their endurance. Where fierce battles continue, because the enemy is rushing to Kyiv. Hold on! We will stand together!” Klitschko added.


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