Medvedchuk escapes from house arrest


MP of the Opposition Platform – For Life faction Viktor Medvedchuk, suspected in the case of coal supplies from occupied Donbas, escaped from house arrest, Anton Gerashchenko, adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, said.


“I checked. I confirm. The traitor to Ukraine, Medvedchuk, escaped from house arrest. When we win, we will find the judge who decided to remove a bracelet from him and the Kyiv territorial defense unit will have a nice chat with him,” Gerashchenko wrote on his Telegram channel on Sunday.


He added: “It will be more difficult with traitor Medvedchuk, if he is not caught now, he will spend the rest of his life in the Russian Federation together with Yanukovych. By the way, Medvedchuk knew for sure that there would be a full-scale invasion, and therefore Oksana Marchenko hastily fled Ukraine through Belarus.”


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  1. I wonder if the invasion gave him an opportunity to use some tools to break off the ankle bracelet, or maybe any friend he had could have helped. I know that under normal circumstances, the bracelet’s gps would send a signal of attempted tampering, but the police are probably busy with supporting the local defense against the “orcs.”

    Which by the way, I’m surprised that even as a fan of “Lord of the Rings,” I’d never heard about russia as the land of “Mordor.” Maybe it’s because as an American, I haven’t had reason to notice the cultural cues. At least not until I became interested in marrying a Ukrainian. I keep praying for Liudmila’s safety, all the time.

    • It sounds to me like a judge either ordered the release or did it himself. That means there is another traitor in our midst. They will not last long. If they do they will be confined to living in Putin’s toilet. I’m not sure which situation is worse.

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