In Russia, recognized the first soldier killed in Ukraine

Violetta Orlova 04:01, 27.02.22 UNIAN

The soldier died during a “special operation to protect Donbass.”

Local authorities in the Russian Federation have spoken out about the losses during the fighting in Ukraine. The first victim was recognized in Dagestan.

This was announced by the head of Dagestan Sergei Melikov in his Instagram account.

Thus, Melikov officially expressed his condolences to the family of officer Nurmagomed Hajimagomedov. The soldier died during a “special operation to protect Donbass.”

“I express my deepest condolences to the family of Nurmagomed, a native of Kulinsky district, a brave son of Dagestan. He showed courage because he was so educated and because he chose the difficult and noble path of a defender of the world,” the statement said.

In Russia, recognized the first dead soldier in Ukraine / photo Instagram / Sergei Melikov


  1. Putin murdered him by starting all of this! His own troops, by sending them to be killed, and the Ukrainian people who rightly defend their homes!

    All for no reason beyond his greed and overreaching fantasy of a “glorious” rebuilt russian empire. He may have thought this would make him out to be a “united by conquest” type leader, but he’s only coming across as a violent tyrant. When nearly all the people of Ukraine unite in this, it’s because they’re FIGHTING AGAINST putin! Certainly not the union he wanted! Take that scumbag!

  2. Yes, Putin is responsible for all the deaths. If only he would repent but I believe he has no heart or courage to do so.

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