In Kyiv, scouts defeated a group of Kadyrovites who were moving around the city in an ambulance (photo)

Saboteurs moved around Kiev in an ambulance.

A group of Kadyrovites / photo Anton GerashchenkoA group of Kadyrovites / photo Anton Gerashchenko

In Kyiv, GUR fighters neutralized a group of dangerous Kadyrov saboteurs.

This was announced in Telegram by Anton Gerashchenko.

According to him, the Kadyrovites moved around the city in an ambulance.

“Just now, a group of Chechen saboteurs who were moving around Kiev in an ambulance was partially shot by the valiant Ukrainian military intelligence officers (GUR MOU) in Kyiv,” he said in a statement.

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  1. Ukraine needs a lot more experienced fighters right?
    The Budapest signatories have regrettably decided not to honour their obligations right?
    So, via intermediaries, they could hire shit loads of them. There is a global network of brokers who provide mercs.
    That would be most helpful would it not? Who cares if the mercs are motivated purely by cash or whatever other reasons?

    • No. For the higher bidder, mercenaries leave their post. Mercenaries are no soldiers and thus cannot be comrades even. They have no honor, they are scum.
      Volunteers are the diametral opposite of such.

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