Hackers Anonymous on the frequency of the Russian occupiers launched the anthem of Ukraine

Violetta Orlova 03:45, 27.02.22 UNIAN

The hackers noted that the Russian military will not be able to coordinate actions if they cannot communicate

Anonymous hackers continue to fight against the Russian Federation. This time, they broke the frequency at which the occupiers were negotiating and launched the Ukrainian national anthem.

This was reported by hackers on Twitter.

Yes, a recording appeared on social networks of the occupiers discussing the “ambush”, but suddenly the Ukrainian national anthem began to play on this frequency.

“They cannot coordinate their actions if they cannot communicate,” the statement said.

Listen here:


It is worth noting that this is not the first time that hackers have obstructed the frequencies of Russian soldiers to prevent them from transmitting messages. They intercept some conversations.

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  1. Bhahahaaahaaaaaaaaaa…!!

    Now their defense department and everyone else has to listen to the Ukrainian national anthem during their war. ouch! Maybe they will learn to like it :))

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