From the Ukraine Today .org western operations center

01:45 a.m. Kyiv time February 27 2022 – RedSquareMaidan

Western operations would like to thank all the fantastic volunteers and patrons on Thousands and thousands of people are visiting every day to get real news fast on our site and we have been posting around the clock since Putin’s war on Ukraine began. Your efforts and sleeplessness is noted and we are grateful to you.

This is an historic time for Ukraine and all your efforts are helping the English-speaking people to get accurate information that often varies from the mainstream news or the biased but easy to get news from Russia.

I see news in the west about Ukraine and wonder where in the world these folks are getting their information! Its as if they are reporting about a different Ukraine than I know. Than we know. Likely it is the work of lazy journalism from easy to get English translations of Kremlin information.

Please keep up the good work and excellent service to the world and hang in there, I would hope Putin soon realizes his mistakes and brings his fascist forces back home to Russia and teaches them how to build roads instead of firing rockets. One can hope.

Thanks to all our readers too and please feel welcome to forward any of our articles for your own use through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any of the other useful gadgets on our site. Ukraine needs you and Ukraine needs honesty to get out around the world.

See you tomorrow, please pray for Ukraine and our missing administrator Foccusser.

Slava Ukraini!


  1. “I can no other answer make but thanks, thanks and thanks again”…W. Shakespeare
    I did want to forward some of the updates to friends and also the story about the Roma’ stealing the tank.
    They’ll get a kick out of that. Ukraine Today Rocks!
    Long Live Ukraine.

      • That’s a good one. Heard a story about a farmer who stopped a tank. Couldn’t find it or verify it.
        Information must be pouring in, this is a nightmare, hope you all get some sleep, hang tough.

        • I saw another video that showed the invaders leave the tank to find food or fuel and saw some farmer running away with their tank in a Ukrainian blue tractor. Damn funny!
          Another story a Russian merchant ship was out of fuel and asked a ship from Georgia for help. The guys from Russia didn’t want to answer where they were from when the Georgians asked. When they finally answered the Georgians answered, “Russia? No. Slava Ukraini!”

  2. In particular thanks to Interfax UA, Ukrinform News, Ukrainian News Agency, 112 Ukraine and UNIAN for their great work over the past eight years! I wish Focusser the best. It was us two who became journalists from scratch. We set up our first website together and the first years were a great time. Wherever you are B. , stay alive anf well! 🇺🇦🇺🇸🇬🇧🇩🇰🇱🇹👍

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