EU to give fighter jets to Ukraine – Borrell

In addition, the foreign ministers of the union agreed on assistance to Kiev in the amount of 450 million euros.

 Eurofighter Typhoon / photo REUTERS Eurofighter Typhoon / photo REUTERS

Individual member states of the European Union will provide combat aircraft to Ukraine.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, Vice-President of the European Commission, EU High Representative for Foreign Policy and Security Josep Borrell said this after a meeting of the EU Council at the level of foreign ministers of the member states in a video conference format.

“And of course, we are going to provide weapons, fighter jets. We are even going to provide combat aircraft. We are not talking only about ammunition. We are providing more important weapons to send to war,” Borrell said.

According to the EU High Representative, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba asked the European Union that Ukraine needs such fighters and combat aircraft that the Ukrainian army can control. “We know what types of aircraft we are talking about, and some member countries have such aircraft,” Borrell said.

He added that this aid would go to Ukraine through the western border.

In addition, according to Borrell, they also agreed to help Kiev in the amount of 450 million euros.

“We have decided to provide the Ukrainian army with lethal weapons worth 450 million euros,” Borrell said.

According to him, an additional 50 million euros will be allocated to Ukraine for non-lethal weapons, fuel and protective equipment.

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  1. Althougth I would love to see UkAF with shinny now F-16s or Gripins, the reality is that the Poles will probably send some or all of their Mig-29 squadron. New western planes would take months if not years to train the pilots and just as importantly the ground crews plus establishing the supply chain.
    The 29s will be combat ready in a matter of days or hours even.
    Even if the airframes are not sutable for combat they can be scavenged for parts.

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