“Enough for all invaders”: Ukraine received a large batch of air-to-air missiles

They are already under the wings of Ukrainian fighters.


Ukraine received a large batch of air-to-air missiles for aviation from Ukraine’s Western partners.

This is reported by the Command of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“They are already under the wings of our fighters. The pilots assure that there will be enough for all the occupiers! Glory to Ukraine!” the report says.

Also, the command of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine thanked the allies of the anti-Putin coalition for the powerful support of the Ukrainian troops.


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  1. I still don’t understand why the military informs the enemy about its capabilities. This is highly compromising and helping enemy forces. This has to stop instantly. Internal memos for military staff are sufficient. Sadly it’s too late now. 😠

    • On the other hand, Mike, the Russians probably know this before we do. And if not, it’s maybe not a bad idea for them to be informed by how much Ukraine is being supported. Their low morale will NOT be uplifted by this at all. Besides that, there is nothing mafia land can do to stop this.

      • Not accurate. Each unit which surrounded Ukraine is accompanied by its own air defense. They may not have considered the UA Air Force a serious threat, but now will be explicitly looking for our planes to destroy them. 🙄

        • That’s pure speculation. Every anti-aircraft unit is actively seeking enemy aircraft. It matters not if the enemy planes are armed or not.

          • Who wastes ammo on targets that don’t pose a serious threat? Efficiency is part of tactics. This is why accuracy, concerning limited ammo etc is also very important. So, it maybe speculation or not. But that they will be explicitly looking for them with various weapons systems is almost certain.

            • Mike, are you serious? An AA unit cannot tell if an aircraft is loaded with weapons or not. Even if they did, the paramount job is still to destroy enemy aircraft. Otherwise, it will fly back to base and RELOAD and come back! A smoldering heap of junk cannot do that anymore.

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