Zelensky rejected the US proposal to evacuate from Kyiv – WP

Olga Robeyko 04:52, 26.02.22 – UNIAN / Washington Post

The president refused to leave the capital during the offensive of the occupying forces.

The US government has stated its readiness to evacuate Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky from Kyiv if necessary.

This was reported by The Washington Post, citing Ukrainian and American sources. 

Such a proposal from the White House allegedly came in order to avoid the capture of Zelensky or his assassination by Russian occupation forces.

But the president refused to leave.

Earlier, the President of Ukraine stated that the enemy marked him as the number one target , and his family as the number two target. 

On February 25, the Ukrainian leader assured that he was in Kyiv.


  1. Well, he promised peace to ukrainians and ruSSians… And he humiliated Petro Poroshenko, even put him on trial… I pray for all my ukrainians, but not for him.

    • I support whoever is president right now because we need one and he needs prayers for wisdom. All the world is praying for Zelensky. Politics can wait until the filth is gone imo.

      • Indeed. Zelensky has done some pretty dumb stuff, but he is shaming the west by his valor. He has done the one thing that is most important to good leadership, set an example by staying.

        I would have made arrangements so that if I were killed, the government would continue, in exile if necessary.

  2. I must praise Zelensky for this. He could be like other “leaders” who fled their “ships” in dire situations. We’ll see how he further conducts himself. As long as he’s not screwing up, he deserves full support.

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