UPDATE: Russia suffers the loss of more than 100 tanks by second day.

07:30 2/26/2022 Kyiv – Ukrainian Ministry of Defense

This is an update from the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense of the accumulated losses of equipment by the second day of combat:

  • 14 Planes
  • 8 Helicopters
  • 102 Tanks
  • 536 Armored Personnel Carriers
  • 15 Howitzer Cannons
  • 1 BUK Missile Launcher

The estimated captures and kills suffered by the Kindergarten bombers is:

  • Approximately 6,700 dead Russian Nazis
  • Approximately 400 captured fascist invaders

As you might imagine it is hard to get really accurate numbers and the situation is fluid. Additionally to the personnel numbers above there have been hundreds Russian soldiers leave the battlefield and refuse to fight their peaceful neighbors. Some even ran away so fast they lost their shoes.

Reporter wearing a helmet in case a bomb lands on him

Watching the dramatic, over sensationalized TV and media coverage you would think only Ukraine has suffered losses. This is an attempt to report the other side. Putin feels the Ukrainian pinch and has even asked Kazakhstan to donate troops to Putin’s madness and told him NO! Let’s all tell Putin NO!

More updates as they come right here on UkraineToday.org.


  1. If these numbers are only slightly accurate it suggests the Ukrainian Armed Forces are more professional and more effective. Did Putin suffer a belly landing? 😉

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