Ukraine’s Air Force fighter downs Russian transport aircraft over Kyiv region


Sukhoi Su-27 fighter of Ukraine’s Air Force attacked and destroyed the Ilyushin IL-76 MD, the Russian transport aircraft. The command of Ukraine’s Air Force reported that on Facebook. 


The Ukrainian fighter pilot successfully hit his target not far from Vasylkiv, Kyiv region, at about 0.30 a.m., February 26.


The Russian occupants have been trying to deploy a landing assault team to capture the airfield in Vasylkiv. There’s some heavy fighting in that area.


Besides, Ukraine’s anti-aircraft defense system downed Russia’s Sukhoi Su-25 ground attack aircraft in Vinnytsia region. Ukraine’s Air Force reported that on early Saturday.


In June 2014, Russian armed mercenaries downed the Ukrainian IL-76 that carried Ukrainian paratroopers. The plane was about to land in Luhansk airport, but the militants shot it down, killing everyone aboard.


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    • The “Ghost of Kyiv” became an ace in a day. A former US Naval Aviator gave his opinion of the Ghost, “Godspeed and good hunting!”

  1. 06:47 After the fall of IL-76 of the Russian Aerospace Forces in Vasilkovo, not everyone died, journalist Roman Tsymbalyuk said.

    “4 prisoners, they beg Putin not to send anyone else to the Ukrainian hell. About 10 Russian soldiers continue to shoot back. They were given an ultimatum: lay down their arms or be destroyed. The strip is under reliable fire control. No one will land here without permission, ” he said on the social network.
    He also said that the Russian invaders are looking for an airstrip near Kiev in order to transfer soldiers and equipment by military transport aircraft. Therefore, there are attempts to take the strip in Gostomel and Vasilkov.


    • Stingers, in the end, is what drove the Soviets out of Afghanistan. The dutch have approved the shipment of air defense systems to Ukraine. The Swiss have frozen sanctioned Rooski accounts. Sanction them all!

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