Russian invasion update: Ukrainian forces destroy convoy of fuel trucks in Sumy

Russian invasion update: Ukrainian forces destroy convoy of fuel trucks in Sumy

26.02.2022 12:00

In Sumy, the local unit of the Territorial Defense Force destroyed an enemy convoy of fuel trucks moving toward Kyiv.

The press service of the Sumy regional military-civil administration reports has released the relevant report via Telegram, Ukrinform saw.

“Sumy update. The enemy convoy has been destroyed on Kurska Street. There’s a fire there,” the statement reads.

Earlier it was reported that large convoys of fuel trucks were moving across the region in the direction of Kyiv. The Territorial Defense Force unit in Sumy engaged in a serious battle with the enemy. The wounded soldiers and bodies of those killed in combat were brought to the regional hospital.

The head of the regional center, Dmytro Zhyvytskyi, appealed to the soldiers with orders to capture, take away weapons, lock POWs, and treat them humanely, providing them with water and not resorting to torture.

As Ukrinform reported earlier, the leader of the aggressor power, Vladimir Putin, announced on February 24 the start of a special military operation “in Donbas.”

Martial law has been imposed throughout Ukraine. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has signed a decree on general mobilization.



  1. I’m grateful that Ukraine is proving they’re not resorting to the same evils as putin’s dictatorship. I’m wondering how the russian POWs are provided the food and shelter, if the logistics for this can be supported. Perhaps it’s helpful to keep them as bargaining chips towards whatever peace settlement can be reached, or even maybe if only to get an armistice. I’d heard one of my conservative commentators Andrew Klavan of the Daily Wire (who also agreed that Tucker Carlson is too isolationist by the way) that Zelensky is saying now that he won’t seek Ukrainian membership in NATO. But he believes that even if Ukraine does throw out the russians, putin won’t stop his pressure now, until there’s a pro-russian change in Ukrainian leadership.

    I’m rather disappointed in Carlson, because he asks, “Why should the United States care, when putin hasn’t done anything to Americans personally?”

    That attitude is part of what allowed hitler to achieve as much as he did, insane madman that he was. I want tell Tucker, “Evil triumphs when good men do nothing.”

  2. I’d tried posting another comment here, but it didn’t appear again. An update from “Daily Wire” about Zelensky’s decision on NATO. Also my disappointment in Tucker Carlson. I think maybe it was because I was busy with my breakfast, and I had to let my phone sit for a while.

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