Russian army uses Grad missile launchers hitting hospitals, kindergartens, residential buildings in Chernihiv


In Chernihiv, the Russian military use Grad missile launchers hitting hospitals, kindergartens, residential buildings, the State Emergency Service reports.


“Using Grad missile launchers, Putin’s army fires at hospitals, kindergartens, residential buildings in Chernihiv. Only today, units of the State Emergency Service thirty times were involved in the elimination of the consequences of these brutal attacks, which cannot be called anything other than “terrorist attacks,” the State Emergency Service said in a statement Telegram channel.


“But we will resist, because the truth is behind us, the strength of the Ukrainian land is behind us. We believe in the Ukrainian army. And you – believe in us. Your strength gives our hands power, and our hearts – courage and inflexibility. Everything will be Ukraine! Enemy won’t pass!” the State Emergency Service said.


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  1. How much more savagery must Ukraine endure before the Budapest signatories decide to take a look at that document and take action?
    How about now?

  2. The use of cluster bombs with Petal mines banned by the Geneva Convention by the occupiers was recorded in Kharkiv, Prosecutor General Iryna Venediktova has said.

    “Messages from Kharkiv… They drop cluster bombs with Petal mines. The color can change. The size of a finger. If you step on it, it tears off your leg. Petal is banned all over the world. Banned by the Geneva Convention. This is the scourge of Afghanistan and other local wars of the twentieth century,” Venediktova wrote on Facebook on Saturday.

    According to her, the Ukrainian military are holding the defense of Kharkiv and have not given up a single position, “even pushed back a little.” “We are fighting back! We are strengthening! The whole garden is on the defensive! The city is in the ring, but we will not surrender it. From the young to the old with a stick – everyone is thrown into the defense! Crowds. We do not have time to record,” Venediktova said.

  3. Russian thermobaric multiple rockets launcher has been spotted by CNN team south of Belgorod, Russia, near the Ukrainian border early Saturday afternoon.

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