Mobile hospital in northern Crimea “packed” with wounded “orcs”, mortuary full – source

The construction of the hospital began on the first day of the Russian invasion.

Krasnoperekopsk / photo Crimea.  realitiesKrasnoperekopsk / photo Crimea. realities

According to journalists, a mobile hospital in the occupied Crimea in Krasnoperekopsk is full of wounded Russian soldiers. They are being transported from mainland Ukraine.

It is reported by ” Krym. Realii ” with reference to the words of the medical staff.

“The Krasnoperekopsky hospital, which was deployed in the city, is packed. Surgeons are not allowed to go home. The morgue is full,” the source says.

The morgue in Armyansk is also filled with the bodies of Russian soldiers, the media add.

He added that the morgue in Armyansk was also filled with the bodies of soldiers.

The hospital began to be built on the first day of the Russian invasion, even before it was announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

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      • Don’t insult me. My responsibility is to protect our people, in particular women and children. To achieve this we need both a military and a realistic diplomatic option.

        • I’m not mocking you bro just wondering if you’ve changed your position. I’m proud of Ukraine and thought all along we would stand them up and we have. Putin never did understand Ukraine and I hope this lesson will teach him for good. Slava Ukraini~~!!

          • I have not changed my position. We can discuss Crimea, although not Donbas, if the situation requires it. So far our forces are doing an excellent job and there is no need to discuss anything.

  1. “In Crimea, 53% of conscripts have fled and are hiding at home, reservists refuse to take part in operations against Ukraine. The problem is in the direction of Energodar-Zaporozhye, the advance detachment of the enemy is moving there, but we are hiring about this problem and are working with it. They won’t go anywhere. Everyone saw the terrible footage of the defeat of Russian columns near Kherson. Kherson is held by our forces, the enemy bears losses. In fact today, apart from a small movement from Melitopol to Mariupol, there was no movement of the enemy. On those three or four directions where they tried to move, they were defeated. Now comes the psychological breakdown. Let me remind you of the Russian proverb: do not dig a hole for another, you yourself will fall into it.

    • Kadyrov sent his troops to fight with the Moskali but after engaging the Ukrainians and losing terribly and getting their number one General killed Kadyrov said WE ARE NOT GOING TO FIGHT UKRAINE!

      • Where can I see this, Red? I got a video message with this filthy Kadyrov, that a friend of mine in the Crimea sent me today, but it’s in Russian with Chechen accent. I thought that he refused to fight from the get-go.
        The newest article I found about this is from Al Jazeera and here is what the subhuman Kadyrov said; “Chechen units had so far suffered no losses and Russian forces took large Ukrainian cities including the capital Kyiv.”
        The part about mafia land having taken Kyiv and other large cities is a lie, we all know this, and so the rest of what he said could too. I would like to know more about this.
        I would like to add, that I enjoy your version a whole lot better.

        • I don’t see if elsewhere either Sir Facts, its news from my wife. From what I heard, yeah they sent their A team to Ukraine but Ukraine knocked all of them out but one and they interviewed him. Ukraine took out the General and Kadyrov brought everyone else home.

          • In the meantime, I’ve heard news about the general being sent to hell. As for the rest, it’s a bit sketchy.

  2. 20:54 Adviser to the Head of the Office of the President Alexei Arestovich at a briefing spoke about the losses of the occupiers on February 26.

    “- The enemy has an operational pause, but it was not taken voluntarily, but due to the huge losses that they suffered while trying to attack the positions of the defenders of Ukraine. The accumulation of the enemy to the west of Kyiv continues. But we launch artillery strikes, they suffer huge losses, we slowed down their pace and now they are not moving towards Kyiv, because they are very hurt and bitter. Chernihiv and Sumy are holding on. The sums are completely under us. In Sumy, active military personnel, former military personnel, citizens have organized themselves and are holding the line. They even make crawls behind enemy lines, burning fuel trucks for them. And now the Russian army is completely demoralized there, no action is taking place: There is no fuel, mood and morale. Kharkov is holding out. All of you, probably, saw footage of the rout on the Internet. Kharkov shows brilliant results of combat work. In the JFO zone, ours are holding positions, the enemy is trying to attack. Today, another Russian plane was shot down near Mariupol, which was trying to attack our positions; a Russian tactical group from Melitopol is advancing there. But our people know this problem and are now meeting it there,” he said.

    • Its just a matter of time before Red Square Maidan now. Or perhaps one of Putin’s oligarchs will put him out of his misery because he oligarch wife can’t go shopping with her card anymore.
      Fuck Putin its time for him to be buried alive with no shirt.

  3. The Russian Defense Ministry announced an “increase in the number of hysterical fakes and outright disinformation” about the war in Ukraine. “The most outspoken Ukrainian fakes are being published about allegedly thousands of losses of Russian military personnel, many hundreds of destroyed Russian armored vehicles and aircraft,” the ministry said .

    The Ministry of Defense mentioned “certain Russian media” and, above all, Novaya Gazeta. “They are actively promoting fake information prepared by a stoned gang of nationalists and the SBU . They promptly broadcast any Ukrainian fakes almost simultaneously with their publication in social networks, ”the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement.

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