Anonymous hackers announce their intention to ‘reveal all the dirt’ that Russian govt hides from its citizens


Hackers from the Anonymous community released a video message to Russian President Vladimir Putin, in which they announced their intention to reveal all the secrets that the Russian government hides from its citizens.


“Hackers from Anonymous published an appeal to Putin. They made their special operation in the Russian Federation. Guys, thank you and invite you to visit the Ministry of Digital Transformation after our common victory over the Russian Federation,” Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine Mykhailo Fedorov wrote in his Telegram channel on Saturday.


He also attached a video message from Anonymous to his post.


“Today, we took down the websites of the Federal Antimonopoly Service, the Kremlin, Russia Today and many other websites associated with the Russian government. Is this just a coincidence, Vladimir Putin? Anonymous doesn’t think so. We plan to reveal what has been hidden for years. The power of Anonymous will fall upon you and your corrupt henchmen,” a spokesman for the hackers said in a video message.


He said that “it’s only a matter of time before Anonymous reveals all the dirt” that Putin is trying to hide from Russian society.


“Not a single skeleton in the closet will remain untouched. Now we demand that you restore the rights of the Ukrainian people and resign from your post. You failed to protect the most vulnerable segments of the population. You did not fulfill your civic and moral duty as a civil servant. Because of for your lies, you have let down those you intend to govern,” the community spokesman said.


He called on other hackers to “search and dig so as not to leave a stone unturned” from “Putin’s power.”


“You have decided to unleash a big war. We will never forgive lies, and we will never forget the lives that were lost under your regime,” the representative of the hackers said.


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