Address of the President of Ukraine on the evening of the second day of the large-scale war

04:30 Kyiv – Ukrainian Ministry of Defense

Today has been a difficult but bold day. We are fighting for our state on absolutely all fronts: South, East, North, in many cities of our beautiful country. We are fighting around the clock and on the diplomatic front – it is easier to say which of the world leaders I have not spoken to today. We continue to do so.

Today, I have been constantly working and talking with President Macron, Scholz, Rutte, Mrs. von der Leyen, and President Biden of the United States. He outlined what other Western response Ukrainians expect from this aggression, and agreed on new assistance, new support, and significant assistance to our state. I thank all the leaders, especially President Biden.

I was very happy to see the news from friendly Georgia. I want to thank the kind, wonderful Georgian people who took to the streets of their country and supported Ukraine. You are real friends! Thanks.

Our main goal is to end this massacre. The losses of the enemy are very, very serious. These are hundreds, hundreds of killed soldiers who crossed our border, who came to our land.

Unfortunately, we have losses as well. Ukrainians heroically resist aggression. It cannot be justified. Therefore, the occupiers have to come up with increasingly absurd accusations to say at least something.

I am sure that these accusations are biased, no one will believe them. Ukrainians will not believe, the world will not believe, citizens of the Russian Federation will not believe.

There is simply no truth that cannot explain why kindergartens and housing infrastructure are fired at with rocket artillery. In Vorzel of the Kiev area beat “Gradami” on an orphanage. In Okhtyrka, Sumy region, “Hurricanes” were beaten. Residential neighborhoods, shelters, and kindergartens were under fire. What is the war against Ukrainian children in kindergarten? Who are they? Are they neo-Nazis too? From kindergarten. Are these NATO soldiers threatening Russia? Killed and wounded children are the verdict on this invasion.

Everyone, I emphasize, must do everything they can to stop this war. Every day of aggression destroys normal life not only in Ukraine, but also in Russia, as well as in Europe and the world.

Europeans still have no idea what it is like to live when there is such a confrontation. I must say quite frankly: this night will be harder than the day. Many cities of our state are under attack. Chernihiv, Sumy, Kharkiv, our boys, our girls in the Donbass, the cities of southern Ukraine. Special attention is paid to Kyiv. You can’t lose the capital.

I appeal to our defenders on all fronts. Tonight the enemy will use all his strength to break our resistance. Despicable, cruel and inhuman. Tonight they will storm. We all need to understand what awaits us. We have to persevere tonight. The fate of Ukraine is being decided right now. Every civilian must be as careful as possible. Please help each other, especially the elderly, the lonely, those who are having a hard time right now. In case of any danger – go to the shelter.

Anyone who has already joined the defense of the country or can help the defense – stop the enemy wherever you can. Close the special signs that saboteurs leave on the roads that saboteurs leave on buildings. Burn enemy equipment to everyone, everything you can. If even kindergartens are an acceptable goal for the invaders, you should not leave them any chance.

All thoughts, all prayers of Ukrainians – with our military. We believe in them, we take care of them. We are defending our state. The night will be hard, very hard. But it will be morning.

Glory to Ukraine!


  1. “Killed and wounded children are the verdict on this invasion.”
    If that don’t make you want to suit up, nothing will. We will be ready to eat through their helmets if needed.
    “If even kindergartens are an acceptable goal for the invaders, you should not leave them any chance.”

    • There needs to be an invasion by land and air:D Day if you like.
      But this time a friendly invasion of the Lviv/Karpatia region by the allies to create a safe area for Ukrainians to live.

      • The savages bombed Ivano-Frankovsk Sir Scradge, they could probably bomb anywhere they want since Lukashenko signed Belarus over to Putler. I agree with you but I’m afraid not even Zakarpatia is safe.

  2. If at least the West would send troops clandestinely. I am dumbfounded how everyone is just watching while they are “deeply concerned” and how they appeal and urge to stop the fighting.

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