Zmiiny island: 13 Ukrainian border guards dead, refused to surrender to Russian Navy

23:50, 24 February 2022 – 112 Ukraine

A small strip of land in the Black Sea became the last stand for Ukrainian servicemen

13 Ukrainian Border Guards deceased in the fight for Zmiiny island in the Black Sea. Anton Herashchenko, the counselor of Interior Minister posted that on Facebook. 

“Russian warship offers Zmiiny island’s garrison to surrender. Their answer was: “Fuck off!”. A missile and artillery strike followed. 13 Ukrainian Border Guards perished”, he wrote. 

As is known, Zmiiny island was captured by Russian troops on February 24. It was part of the Russian aggression that is going on in Ukraine.


  1. Though this is bad news there is also some good news. As Veth reported, the Moskali brass was VERY surprised that Ukrainians didn’t just lay down their weapons and come running over to the RuSSian side and the women didn’t line the streets with flowers for the liberators.
    On the contrary, the best numbers I could find were we lost 57 and the invaders lost 3,200 with many captured and many simply picked up and ran home.
    Fuck Putin~!
    Fuck Putin~!
    Fuck Putin~!

  2. According to the Washington Examiner, Biden has refused to cut Russia of Swift. Biden is the scum of the earth. He is doing next to nothing.

      • Biden and Boris wanted the SWIFT sanction. Unnamed European countries blocked it. Germany is likely to be one of them. They need to be named and shamed.
        24 hours of horror and still no one will send Ukraine what it needs : tanks, troops, planes and cruise missiles.

            • I understand. I just put my wife to sleep for the first time about an hour ago. You know our kids can’t leave Ukraine and probably wouldn’t even if I insisted.
              Just take stock in knowing Putin is having a very hard time of it. Those intercepts stated clearly they are getting their butts handed to them thus far.
              Putin 157 – Zelensky: 3,200

              • I have many loved ones and friends there. They are trapped. Apart from the humanitarian disaster, there is a fear of what will happen to foreign-owned property there in the event of a prolonged occupation?
                I commend Zel for his bravery and the wonderful army, but now is the time to sit down with the enemy before things get worse.

                    • I will pray with you for them. Now is not the time to show fear though. That will just feed evil. Evil thrives when good men do nothing. The warriors are doing their jobs and we pray for their wisdom. I have a feeling the Ukrainian meatgrinder is going to break Putler. Their hearts are not in it and though Ukraine has already lost too many, the motto of Ukraine stands; We are not dead yet!

                    • I pray for your loved ones too.
                      There is a shared post going round FB at the moment:

                      “Copy this phrase and share from yourself.

                      #Ukrainians ask #NATO to bring their forces to #Ukraine ❗️
                      At least to close the sky. To give shelter from the sky…

                      NATO Allied Air Command

                      U.S. Army NATO Brigade

                      Reposting little action
                      This phrase should be on everyone’s page.

                      Then obisto ask your friends abroad to go to their governments instead of working and demanding help to Ukraine.

                      Let me explain, it is very important for us now that NATO closes the sky for us, as it is in Israel. From planes, missiles, helicopters. Then down there we will definitely handle it.”

    • Absolutely, they’ve all thrown Ukraine under the bus. Well, when we defeat the new golden horde it will be Ukraine’s victory alone. NATO will be begging Ukraine to join.

        • I think back 8 years when Ukraine would join anything to get away from the Russia and all they got was an economic deal with the EU, and then free travel with the EU and that’s it. Then Putin invades again and they all say good luck, we support you….
          I don’t think Putin could take another day like yesterday. Best count is they lost 3,200 and several more hundred were captured or simply went home. We lost 157 according to Zelensky.

          • I’d be careful with those numbers. In war, the truth is the first victim. However, Ukraine seems to be doing well. There are so many people wanting to fight. I even saw an 80-year-old ready to volunteer. I am truly proud of this country and people!

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