Zelensky calls on Putin to negotiate to stop deaths


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has called on Russian President Vladimir Putin to sit down at the negotiating table to stop deaths.


He voiced the appeal in his address on Friday, February 25, according to an Ukrinform correspondent.


“I want to appeal once again to the president of the Russian Federation. Fighting is taking place all over Ukraine. Let’s sit down at the negotiating table to stop the deaths of people,” Zelensky said.


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  1. I think he wants to protect his own life and presidency. Will he surrender the Crimea and Nato/EU ambitions or will he pass a last chance to save the nation? And will Putin be constructive this time? I pray for it!

    I mean Sweden is not in Nato, Norway not in the EU, South Korea neither EU nor Nato, yet all are successful western democracies. That is what counts at the moment more than anything else!

      • Absolutely. I think after a peace with Russia, Ukraine should end all diplomatic relations with Belarus forever. Lukashenko not only crushed protests of peaceful women and rigged the elections, but in particular his collaboration with Moscow made the invasion of Kyiv possible to begin with.

        • But, I’m afraid that the rat will make difficult demands. He wants to demilitarize Ukraine. That’s a harsh consequence.

          • Maybe there’s still some space for a compromise. The russians also keep dying like fruit-flies now. We will see. As long as this horror comes to an end. Ukraine will live longer than Putin. 😉

            • Putin will negotiate once his horde is brought down to size…but…he is still KGB so he will try to get too much in negotiations so it will fail. The time for negotiations is long passed. Putin will fail.

  2. Seeing the pathetic responses of Western governments – one again – what other choice does Zelensky have? If the armed forces are finished, there is no other than to save what can be saved without further deaths and destruction. I don’t know what condition the Ukrainian army is in at this point. Maybe one of you?

    • Worse than is publicly known. They are fighting like lions, but the russians are using helicopters and heavy weapons now near Kyiv. The situation in Kyiv is bad.

  3. Bullshit!
    This situation is not a burden it’s an oppertuity.
    Putin needs to be clearly beaten in the field.
    The grand Russian strategy is to try to one of envelopments that they love so much
    The problem with that is they have commited one of the cardinal sins of warfare. They have divided their forces in the faces of the enemy. None of their attacks can mutually support each other. The distances between them is hundreds of miles and in the case of the Crimean offensive, thousands of miles. Look at the map and tell me how long it will take to move a unit from Rostove on Don to Kkerson across the bridge and up the Crimean pensula.
    Meanwhile Ukraine has interior lines of comunication and can shift forces rapidly. Whats more Ukraine has not commited it’s srongest mech units yet.
    So far the Ukraine defenses are holding. Russia’s only real success is somewhat in the north in the south. The southern offecive it is the most vulernable. One part is attacking to accross the Diniper and the other moveing to attack Mariupol from the west.
    Ukraine needs to counterattack straight down the middle form the town of Nyzhni Sirohozy towards th town of Chaplynka and threaten to cut off both advances from their supply lines to Criema. Even threaten to advance into the pensula. Even if they can not close the gap it will force the Russian to retreat.
    Russian units only carry 3 days worth of Food and fuel so they will be running low soon.
    They should also use Tochku ballistiac missiles to bombard the supply bases in Crimea Ukraine has 90 so put them to good use.
    As long as Ukraine blocks the envelopment they win, decisively.


    • That is what I was thinking too Murf, and you have described it so well. It is as if the Moskali thought they would be supported by the population and/or it would be a short fight and Ukraine would lay down for them. That’s not going to happen. I am worried about panic in Kyiv though, what about that?

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