Ukrainian Intelligence Report

Taken from Twitter:

A Ukrainian intelligence source has passed along the following information, which has already begun to trickle out in some form in the Ukrainian media. *All the usual caveats apply.* I cannot verify. But it is apparently based on human intelligence and concerns Russia’s play for Kyiv.

As many as 2,000 Russian Special Forces are planning to seize either Sikorsky or Boryspil airport in the capital to prepare for the arrival of 10,000 paratroopers, IL-76 aircraft, light armored vehicles and airborne troops.

The landing operation will be run by A-50 aircraft in the airspace of Belarus and Russia.

Simultaneously, sabotage groups already in Ukraine will seek to take out power grids and substations to disconnect much of Kyiv from electricity and communications, causing panic among the population.

This will coincide with a massive cyber attack on the authorities and other vital sites in Ukraine. Shortly preceding that, there will be intensification at the fronts, with possible provocations along the entire border with Ukraine.

The goal is to force the military-political leadership to withdraw the bulk of combat-ready troops to the line of defense, leaving only a small number of troops in Kyiv.

The task of the landing party is to block Kyiv, communications, military control channels, capture/blow up arsenals, and sow panic. The Russians want to create conditions for “uncontrolled columns of refugees” from Kyiv, which will block highways and roads.

That will hinder the movement of troops, including law enforcement agencies on the roads of Kyiv.

The next phase will be to capture and control the main authorities including the General Staff, the Cabinet, the Verkhovna Rada, and retain them until the arrival of Russia’s main forces.

The date of the operation is unknown, but is expected in the coming days, depending on the weather and the development of the international situation.

The desired result is to seize the leadership of the Ukrainian state and force a peace agreement to be signed on Russian terms under conditions of blackmail.

Even if much of the current leadership is evacuated, some pro-Russian politicians will be able to assume responsibility and sign documents, citing the “escape” of the leadership from Kyiv.

The end-game, evidently, is to bisect Ukraine into two de facto states on the principle of East and West Germany or North and South Korea. And Kyiv will fall under Russia’s dominion.


    • We will see if Vladolf’s army even lasts that long. By then they will need supply lines and I just don’t see them. Burning and bombing is one thing, occupation of 3 million people that don’t want you there, is quite another. Right?

      • Speaking of supply lines, read this: Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: the Russian army ran out of fuel near Konotop. Soldiers walk around with canisters and try to buy fuel, and also demand food from local residents.

        • As expected, they are at the end of their logistics. The troops are going to start going hungry and vehicles stop for lack of fuel.

  1. “…depending on the weather and the development of the international situation.”
    The weather, I can fathom, but the international situation? What is this supposed to mean?

  2. Government officials need to destroy everything in their offices, de-centralize the govt. ,go underground, go to the country. Set up an underground network of communication using rural people to hide the logistics from the Russians. Evacuate Kyiv, then leave mines and bombs that blow up the tanks that enter the city. Spread out, wait until the Russians box themselves in. Then surround them and cut them off. Also, someone needs to Attack Crimea, show them what chaos looks like. Burn everything down that you can. Don’t leave the Russians one grain of wheat, not one loaf of bread, not one gallon of petro, not one bottle of water, shut down Petros he electric, leave nothing for the Russians..

      • Don’t you think I’m a “great” arm chair General?
        Every democratic nation should send troops. What could Pootin do? Fight the whole world? Would that start WWIII? Well the West can pretend that Russia hasn’t started WWIII, but they have. If a stray missle ends up in Poland then will NATO act
        Pootin won’t stop until the world stops him. The burden should not fall on one nation alone.
        Democratic nations can stand in solidarity with Ukraine, can impose sanctions, pass out some weapons and money, but that’s not enough. It’s time the West put some skin on the line.

        • Relax. I am one of the most fiery Ukraine-supporters here. I informed with my partners on this and other sites for eight years about Ukraine, and i am hurt by the horrors Russia unleashed on ukrainians. Simply ukrainians need the infrastructure intact. They need to eat, drink, communicate, heat their home etc. If the US and Nato would not have been hijacked by leftist cowards and idiots, none of what is happening now would exist. Ukraine embarrassed Europe and the US, by showing what egoist liberal cowards they are. I understand your anger totally.

          • I’d rather burn my house down, than be taken prisoner by the Russians.
            But, you make a good point about food and water for the residents. Setting up a puppet govt. is like an occupation. I’m not angry, I just feel helpless to help.
            I followed you guys over here in ’14 from the old disque site. I only could post a couple of times bc of my old Dell couldn’t do the W portal. I got the invites on e-mail but could only read the articles.
            With my new tablet, I can post now. So with all the hell breaking loose, I thought I’d troll on over and offer my support. Good job keeping the site going. My half brother lives in Poland. I helped raise him here, when he was a child.. So over the years I’ve been watching.
            Your right about the idiots that have failed to stand up against Pootin.

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