Ukraine ready for talks with Russia, – Zelensky’s press secretary


Ukraine agreed to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s offer to hold talks. The parties are currently consulting on the place and time of the negotiation process. This was announced by Presidential Spokesman Serhiy Nikiforov on Facebook.


“I should refute the allegations that we have refused to negotiate. Ukraine has been and remains ready to talk about a ceasefire and peace. This is our constant position. During these hours, the parties consult on the place and time of the negotiation process. The sooner negotiations begin, the better the chances of resuming normal life,” Nikiforov wrote.


Earlier, the Russian Federation declared that they were ready to negotiate with the leadership of Ukraine, but Zelensky’s office denied this information. The Adviser to the Chair of the Office of the President of Ukraine said that Russia has made a “fatal decision and they will try to finish it until they are forced to the round table.”


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  1. I hope that Zelensky will not make any mistakes. He should not sell Ukraine cheaply. Which means: No concessions to a change in government. No recognizing the dwarf republics. No demilitarization. No Ruskie Crimea.
    Zelensky has a force behind him called the people and their weapon is faith, courage and determination. Ukraine will prevail.

  2. Putin is willing to hold talks, but only with the proviso Ukraine give him everything he has demanded and that is not acceptable.

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