Ukraine eliminates Russians who seized Armed Forces vehicles and broke into Kyiv


The Armed Forces of Ukraine liquidated Russian soldiers who seized cars of the Ukrainian army and broke into Kyiv. This was announced by Deputy Defense Minister Anna Malyar.


“The Russian soldiers seized two vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, changed into the uniform of the Ukrainian military and are moving at speed to the center of Kyiv … Neutralized,” the statement said.


Earlier, it was reported that in Kyiv region, assault troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are fighting in the areas of Dymer and Ivankiv settlements, where a large number of enemy armored vehicles have advanced and stopped the overwhelming enemy forces on the Teteriv River. The bridge across the river was destroyed.


Another tactical group of the defense forces is holding defense of Gostomel airfield, to which Russian airborne troops rushed on Feb. 24.


The Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine protects the sky over Kyiv. After 04:00 the Ukrainian air defense system prevented two shells from reaching the capital.


The General Staff also called on everyone to join the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Territorial Defense Forces. “The soil under the occupant’s feet must burn!” The military said.


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  1. God Almighty is surely blessing your efforts to resist the russians, and to righteously defend the homeland. I wish I could be over there right now!

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