“They ran so that they lost their shoes”: near Kharkov, the Armed Forces of Ukraine defeated the equipment of the invaders (video)

The Ukrainian military did their job for sure.

The Ukrainian military destroyed enemy equipment at the entrances to Kharkov.

Judging by the video, the invaders abandoned their equipment and fled so that they lost their shoes, jackets and food along the way.

“Our handsome men were bombed. They ran, bastards, threw their jackets. Well done, boys, they hit Chetenko!” – a voice-over is heard.


На подъездах к Харькову оккупанты бросили свою технику и бежали так, что потеряли по дороге башмаки и питание



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  1. And, more will run! Mafia troops are starting to lose steam. I said all along, keeping those troops out in the field for ages and during the dead of winter will have a detrimental effect on morale. Add to this that they don’t really know WHY they are fighting a brother nation. Putin miscalculated badly.

    • Russian logistics are not very strong either. Half of the US army is logistics. You simply cannot fight a war without adequate logistics. WW2 in the west was repeatedly held up because of logistics problems. The Army Air Force had their job very well and the transportation nets of France were simply not up to the task.

      The partially rained people can stay behind the lines, then go after the supply convoys. The Russians are starting to flag because of the lack of supply. Keep the pressure on.

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