The European Union believes that Putin behaves like a “Nazi” and can commit “genocide” in Ukraine

The EU representative noted that the clear purpose of Putin’s war in Ukraine is unknown, except perhaps to destroy it.

The European Union believes that Putin behaves like a "Nazi" / photo REUTERSThe European Union believes that Putin behaves like a “Nazi” / photo REUTERS

The European Union believes that Russian President Vladimir Putin is behaving with his troops in Ukraine like a “Nazi” and may commit “genocide.”

This was announced today at a briefing in Brussels by the speaker for foreign affairs and security policy of the European Commission, Peter Stano.

According to him, no one knows Putin’s goal.

“Because it’s so irrational, so unjustified, it’s incomprehensible that it’s very difficult to understand what the target is. I mean, we can see where it (the target) is going, because, in essence, he wants to destroy Ukraine, he wants to take away Ukraine has independence, he wants to cause harm and suffering to the Ukrainian people. It is absolutely ruthless. It is uncivilized. This has no place in Europe in the 21st century,” Stano stressed.READ ALSO:

“But he (Putin) has never declared his overall or final goal. He always says something about preventing genocide, which is complete nonsense, because he is committing genocide, or he is going to commit genocide. He talks about the denazification of Ukraine, but he is leading themselves, as the Nazis did,” Stano said.

As UNIAN reported earlier, for the second day the Russian invaders continue their offensive operation against Ukraine using high-precision long-range weapons and operational-tactical aviation. Russian troops attacked from the Donbass, Crimea and the Belarusian border. Ukrainian defenders give them a rebuff.

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  1. The Ukrainian military in the Belovodsk region of the Lugansk region fought the Russian invaders and broke through their positions, the press center of the Joint Forces Headquarters reports on Facebook.

    “ Today at noon in the Belovodsk region, Ukrainian soldiers gave battle to the Russian invaders. Our units broke through the positions of the invaders and consolidated their success with a counteroffensive,” the headquarters said in a statement.

    The JFO added that Russian units suffered significant losses and fled the battlefield towards the border of the Russian Federation.

      • Who knows? Maybe this could be possible. Morale of mafia troops is said to be low. Ukrainian morale is very high!

        • They are truly fighting for their country. God speed to the Ghost, and Godspeed to Ukrainian Arms. May they go to the borders in all directions.

          I d capture anyone I could and there would be war crimes trials and issue international warrants for the arrest of anyone in Putin’s Nazi government and Putin himself for waging aggressive war. We executed Germans after the Nuremberg trials for that very charge.

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