Russian troops overcome Kherson defenses with heavy losses

After fierce fighting with the occupiers, the Ukrainian army lost control over the crossing to Kherson. Head of the Kherson Regional State Administration Hennadiy Lahuta reports this on Facebook page.

“Dear residents of Kherson region! I have to say that after fierce fighting on the outskirts of Kherson, despite the desperate efforts of the Ukrainian army, we unfortunately, lost control over the crossing to Kherson,” he said.

Lahuta informed that the enemy overcame the city’s defenses with considerable forces and heavy losses.

He urged residents to remain calm and not panic. The region’s leadership is making every effort to maintain law and order and save lives, he said.

Meanwhile, the number of Russian troop casualties is 2,800.

Since the beginning of the open large-scale Russian invasion as of 15:00 on February 25, the troops of the invading country have suffered the following losses (approximately):

Tanks – up to 80;

Armored fighting vehicles of various types – 516;

Aircraft – 10;

Helicopters – 7;

People – 2,800.

UPDATE:  Ukrainian armed forces have stopped the Russian advance to Kherson and prevented occupation.  Source, local authorities.  More information soon on  (Red Square Maidan 20:27 2/25/22)

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    • Yeah, this one hurts but it sounds like the ruSSo-fertilizer took massive losses. I think we will get it back soon though but I’m worried about the civilians in the hands of the nazi fertilizer.

      I have updated this story, it looks like the defenders have stopped the Russian advance and retook control.

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