Prosecutor General: Russian troops attacked an orphanage in the suburbs of Kiev

Russian troops launched an artillery strike on the premises of an orphanage in Vorzel, Kiev region.

This was announced by the Prosecutor General Irina Venediktova.

According to her, at the time of the shelling, there were 50 little Ukrainians in the institution. Fortunately, there were no injuries among the children and staff: they were in another room.

In the near future, pupils should be evacuated.



  1. Where’s the evidence? No disrespect. I got taken in by the ‘Osama Bin Laden organized 9/11’ and ‘Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction’ bullshit. I won’t be taken in again. Not by any media. Not from America, England, China, or Russia.

    • Likely the Prosecutor will present the “evidence” in court. That’s what Prosecutors do. Besides that, we have a well established “pattern of behavior” and Putin’s military has been shelling schools and hospitals around the world for years. So this is an average attack for them, they prefer to kill the weak and innocent children.

      • Just like America…. Obama and Hillary and Killary Clinton did the same thing. Please be careful. Putting a politician on a pedal stool can lead to disappointment.
        I say this because Americans, including myself, feel for the Osama Bin Laden pulled 9/11 off. He didn’t. We also believed ‘Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction’ bullshit. Saddam didn’t have weapons of mass destruction. There has yet to be any found.

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