NATO promised Ukraine air defense systems and additional weapons

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said at a press conference that the Alliance will continue to support Ukraine.

NATO countries will supply Ukraine with air defense systems and additional weapons, Radio Liberty writes.

According to him, “Russia has destroyed peace in Europe” and now “the people of Ukraine are fighting for their freedom in the face of Russian aggression.” NATO calls for Russia to immediately stop “this stupid war”, withdraw its troops from Ukraine and return to the path of dialogue.



  1. About time. Geez. Mickey and all the moderators thanks again for continuing the posts. It’s the only way I see real news. Can’t trust the crap that’s on lame street media

    • This is great news I just hope it’s coupled with a no-fly zone.
      Its great to have you here with us Willie, the more the merrier! We’ve kind of developed a Husbands of Ukrainian wives club here, lol…
      And about the media, its making me sick. They seem to be hoping for war. I listened to their questions and its all about taking this, imaginary refugees and killing. They seem uninterested in Ukraine’s defense even though the world is hoping Ukraine will stop Putin.

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