Air raid alert in Kyiv


An air raid alert has been announced in Kyiv. Citizens are asked to take shelter.


The “Air Alarm” signal warns of the imminent danger of an enemy attack. Sirens warn of urgent information that is communicated to the public on radio and television, so turn on the TV or radio.


The duration of the signal is 2-3 minutes. It can take several minutes from the moment of signaling to the moment of attack, so you need to act quickly and in an organized manner.


Today it became known that the ground stations of the Kyiv metro will not work with the “Air Alarm” signal. These are stations “Dnipro”, “Hydropark”, “Livoberezhna”, “Darnytsia”, “Chernihivska”, “Lisova”. They are not safe for sheltering and transporting passengers.


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  1. Russian IL-76 transport planes landed in Gomel, Belarus. According to the Ground Troops of Ukraine’s Armed Forces, the multiple aircraft brought Russian airborne forces aboard.

    The message says that the enemy decided to move towards Kyiv from the territory of Belarus, as Ukrainian defenders badly damaged the landing strip of Gostomel airfield, and it can’t be used for landing. “The enemy decided to move on their own, from the territory of Belarus, from Gomel to Chernihiv and Kyiv”, the Armed Forces report.

    As is known, Russian troops continue their offensive operations against Ukraine in specific directions, with the use of high-tech weapons and tactical aviation. The enemy chooses to attack both military infrastructure and civilian objects, including residential houses. Russians plan to land the decisive assault on Kyiv.

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