A photo of Ukrainian heroes who recaptured Gostomel has been published

For Gostomel there were battles for a whole day.

Ukrainian heroes who fought for Gostomel / photo by Alena YakhnoUkrainian heroes who fought for Gostomel / photo by Alena Yakhno

Journalist Alena Yakhno published a picture of the Ukrainian military who recaptured the Gostomel airfield near Kiev.

She posted the photo on her Facebook page.

“Heroes who recaptured Gostomel!” – the journalist signed the photo.

Earlier, Aleksey Arestovich, adviser to the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, said that about 200 Russian special forces were liquidated in Gostomel.

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  1. Heroyam slava! This act alone could have saved Ukraine. The Moskali invaders wanted that air base really bad and use it to stage their coup in Kyiv. Now these brave patriots took it back, erased 200 of Putin’s best and destroyed the bridge leading to Kyiv.
    I hope someone puts some sunflower seeds in the Moskali pockets so that their bodies are useful for fertilizer and of some use.

  2. Fuck Yeah muther fucker!
    Some Average Joe National Guardsmen just kicked the shit out of Putins elite Special Ops pukes.
    And shot down three of the choppers out of 35. An almost 10% rate in one mission. That on top of 7 out of 75 aircraft yesterday.
    Not good, Vlad, not good at all.
    Keep up the good work boys.
    Ivan gota learn.

  3. I believe that as much fierceness as Ukraine’s defense is putting up, with increasing international support, and the casualty reports piling up against russian bodybags, it seems that God himself is aiding the Ukrainian people. Remember, if God is with you, who can be against you? The russians are wilting against your pressure!

    For the Glory and Defense of Ukraine, pray for Victory! Praise the Lord Almighty for his help! You are heroes in this!

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