Update: Russia suffers losses in Kharkiv and Chernihiv Ukraine

24 February – Ukraine command center – Kyiv Ukraine

Bullet points from Ukraine command center in Kyiv

  • 3,000 Russian soldiers in Kharkiv region have been extinguished.
  • 2 Battalions of Russian soldiers have left their equipment and returned to Russia.
  • Kharkiv suburbs have taken possession of more than 200 tanks and equipment.
  • Kherson: 200 Russian invaders have been extinguished.
  • Chernihiv: More than 100 tanks and equipment have been destroyed by the Ukrainian defenders and the Russian invaders have suffered heavy losses of life.
  • Fox News is reporting that Ukraine has lost a military airfield near Kyiv which could be used by the Russian invaders as a base for further attacks on Kyiv.
  • It is also reported that after a long fight at Chernobyl it has fallen to the Russian invaders. Speculation is that Putin wants to destroy the concrete dome protecting the nuclear reactors so he can say the West used nuclear weapons so that he can too.

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Slava Ukraini!

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  1. Some slightly encouraging News :
    Two US intelligence officials, one Western intelligence official and another person briefed on the matter say no final decisions have been made, but they say U.S. intelligence and military cyber warriors are proposing the use of American cyber weapons on a scale never before contemplated. Among the options: Disrupting internet connectivity across Russia, shutting off electric power, and tampering with railroad switches to hamper Russia’s ability to re-supply its forces, three of the sources said.

  2. The mafia loses must be severe and constant. Only this will cause the mafia troops to buckle and lose morale to continue the fight effectively.

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