Ukraine severes diplomatic relations with Russia


Ukraine has severed diplomatic relations with Russia. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said this at the briefing in the Office of the President on Feb. 24, 2022.


“This morning has gone down in history, but this history is absolutely different for our country and for Russia. We broke off diplomatic relations with Russia. Ukraine is defending itself and will not give up its freedom, whatever Moscow thinks, for Ukrainians independence and the right to live on their own land according to their will is the highest value. Russia vilely attacked our state in the early morning, just like Nazi Germany did during the Second World War. From today, our states are on different sides of world history,” Zelensky said.


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  1. It’s so much worse for this brave little fellow and the wonderful people of Ukraine, because they have been abandoned to their fate by the civilised world.
    If every decent country in the world would immediately send troops and air support, this catastrophe could be averted.

    • Nukes are supposed to be a deterrent but in the case of the West they are afraid to help Ukraine because that could start a nuclear war. What’s the point of having nukes if the enemy doesn’t think you’ll use them? Besides that, it’s just beyond me that they never enacted a no-fly zone that we were advocating for. Its like it wasn’t even considered.

  2. Ukraine has become the shame of the west. They’ve tried to help Ukraine on the cheap and they will come to regret their laziness and stupidity.

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