“The Russians didn’t succeed in blitzkrieg”: Zaluzhny thanked the military for the defense of Ukraine

The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine noted that the struggle will be hard, but Ukraine will stand.

Zaluzhny turned to the army / photo facebook.com/CinCAFUZaluzhny turned to the army / photo facebook.com/CinCAFU

Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valeriy Zaluzhny addressed his brother-in-arms and thanked them for defending the country.

The appeal appeared on Zaluzhny ‘s Facebook .

“Dear generals, officers, sergeants and soldiers! Dear fighting friends! Thank you to each of you who today in the ranks defend our land from the Russian occupier. Thank you to your family for waiting. Thank you to the Ukrainian People for your trust, help, prayers,” Zaluzhny said.

He also thanked the international partners, but noted that now is the time to act, not to discuss. 

“We pray for the souls of our dead brothers and the speedy recovery of the wounded. We continue to fight! The entire security and defense sector is giving a worthy rebuff. It will be hard, but we will resist. The Russians did not succeed in the blitzkrieg. They will wash themselves with their own blood! will follow us,” Zaluzhny said.

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  1. All day long, from different parts of Ukraine, reports of captured Russians have been reported. Instead of veterans “hardened” in Syria, Ukrainians saw dirty, tired conscripts.

    The Russians are shocked by the resistance provided by Ukraine. An entire reconnaissance platoon of the 74th motorized rifle brigade surrendered near Chernigov.

    “We are intercepting a lot of Russian military communications. They are shocked by what is happening. They were waiting for us to run, we would hand over our weapons. They did not achieve their goal and are shocked by their losses, by the number of downed aircraft, by the loss of people,” NSU fighter Khariton Starsky told UNIAN.

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