Putin launched an invasion of Ukraine, explosions rumble in a number of cities

Residents of the Ukrainian capital also report explosions.

Vladimir Putin / photo REUTERSVladimir Putin / photo REUTERS

On Thursday, February 24, in the early morning, after 5:00, explosions were heard in a number of cities, including Kiev.

At least four explosions are reported in Kramatorsk, a powerful explosion in Odessa, Kharkov, Berdyansk, the beginning of powerful shelling in the Donbas by terrorists.

Explosions are also heard in the capital, they were heard by residents of Poznyakov and Troyeshchyna. In the meantime, explosions and shootings are reported in the area of ​​the Boryspil airport.

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  1. This, folks, is appeasement at work. I hope very much that all the spineless cowards are satisfied for their “accomplishments”. This is not only a sad day for Ukraine, it is one for the ENTIRE Western world.

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