“No one is happy with the Russians”: the occupier from the Russian Federation “said his regards to his comrades” (video)

The Russian urged the army to leave Ukraine.

falseThe occupier said that no one is happy with Russia / screenshot

The Russian occupier Yu. S. Telkov appealed to Putin’s army and urged it to leave Ukraine.

The video appeared on Facebook of the Ground Forces of Ukraine.

In the video, a wounded Russian, who is being treated, calls on his “friends” to leave Ukraine.

“No one is happy with Russia,” he said.

The guy also noted that he came to fight against Ukraine from Nizhny Novgorod.


“Россиянам никто не рад”

Русский окупант Телков Ю.С. передает привет своим товарищам с российской армии и утверждает, что в Украине им никто не рад!
Убедился на собственном опыте, как говорится!


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  1. People like him, russians like him, i hope there are many of them and in high positions in Russia.
    If so, they better start to organise and maybe they allready do, i hope. They better take him out of office and very soon.

    • I think this is Russia’s last war. Even if Putin takes the entire country, he has one appointment that he will not put off, on the mountains of Israel.

  2. The support for Ukraine in social media is overwhelming. All across the globe, there is support. I’m sure that the Ruskie soldiers know this too, in the age of smartphones and internet.

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