In Snovsk, Ukrainians seized and burned a Russian tank that stalled on a bypass (video)

Marta Gichko19:49, 24.02.22

Tankers were taken prisoner. They will be handed over to the mothers as soon as they can.

In the city of Snovsk, Chernihiv region, Ukrainians captured a Russian tank minesweeper, which stalled on a bypass road. The invaders were pulled out, and the equipment was burned.

This was announced by Advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs Anton Gerashchenko on Facebook .

“Ordinary Ukrainian men pulled out the tankers and set fire to the tank. The tankers are safe. They are treated well. When we throw out the aggressor’s army, the guys will return them to their mothers. We warned that we would not meet the invaders with flowers and loaves,” Gerashchenko said. Snovsk, Ukrainians set fire to a Russian tank

(C)UNIAN 2022


  1. Fox News reported that the russkies have seized Chernobyl. If they end up with radioactive cancer, I’d call that laughably ironic.

    • It is likely more sinister than that Sir Mac. There is speculation that Putin wants to claim the West used a nuclear weapon and by destroying the French-made cement dome on Chernobyl he can show the world a nuclear weapon was used… he can use them too. Many Ukrainians are held hostage at Chernobyl. God help Ukraine.

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