Gostomel turns into second Donetsk airport – MP

Parliamentarian Chernev notes that the price of commissioning this strategic airport is “very high.”

Fighting continues in Gostomel / screenshotFighting continues in Gostomel / screenshot

Yegor Chernev, People’s Deputy from the Servant of the People, notes that Gostomel is turning into a second Donetsk airport.

As an UNIAN correspondent reports, he said this on the air of the talk show “Right to Power”.

“Gostomel is a strategic airfield for us, which is located near Kiev. Their plans are clear. They want to take this airfield in order to transfer paratroopers there. So that they will already go to Kiev,” Chernev said.

According to him, “at present, Gostomel is controlled by us.”

“In fact, now Gostomel is turning into the second Donetsk airport. Which our fighters will not surrender, and will fight for it today and tomorrow, and how long it will take to fight there. Because the price of surrendering this airport is very high,” the deputy stressed.

Yes, he summed up, “the battles are going on, the battles are fierce,” but the enemy is “losing a lot of strength.”

“We need to hold out for some time, regroup. Convert this war into a positional struggle, and then the Russians will have no chance at all,” Chernev said.

As UNIAN reported earlier, Ukrainian National Guardsmen heroically repulsed the Russian attack in Gostomel. Managed to destroy more than a platoon of the enemy.

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  1. In evening attack the Ukrainian forces retook Gostomel Airport. The elite forces from Russia were defeated according the Ukrainian Minister of Defence this evening.

    • There is no fighting in Boryspil airport. The airport lies east of the Dnepr River and so it is not a strategic target for mafia forces.

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