General Staff: Battles ongoing along border, 20 Russian helicopters land near Kyiv


Russian-occupation forces conduct aggressive actions along the entire border of Ukraine. In northern region, the enemy was stopped on the Uzh River in Velyki Osniaky, Rivnopillia areas. The battle continues near Hostomel airfield. Enemy troops were also stopped in the areas of Hremyach and Krolevets.


“As of 17:00, February 24, the enemy continues to act aggressively along the entire line of the common border. The Republic of Belarus performs demonstration actions from the airfields along the northern part of the state border. In northern region, the enemy was stopped on the Uzh River in Velyki Osniaky, Rivnopillia areas, and a tank battle is ongoing,” the press service of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine posted on Facebook.


As noted, units of the 1st separate tank brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine stopped the columns of enemy’s armored vehicles in Baturyn area and on the outskirts of Chernihiv.


The enemy attempted to land tactical airborne assault force along the Kyiv water reservoir.


Twenty KA-52 and Mi-8 helicopters of the Russian Federation landed at Hostomel airfield. The battle is ongoing.


In addition, the National Guard of Ukraine entered the battle near the town of Prypyat. Russian tactical airborne assault force landed in Besarabsky and Tavriysky operational areas.


After an unsuccessful landing attempt and an unsuccessful missile strike, the enemy missile cruiser Moskva began shelling Zmiyinyi Island.


Also, a mixed column of up to 300 vehicles approached the town of Konotop. Mechanized units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine entered the battle. Enemy troops were stopped near Hremyach and Krolevets.


According to the press service, the defenders of Ukraine restored the situation along the entire line of contact in Donetsk operational district. Fighting is taking place in the direction of Mariupol.


The “South” grouping has organized the defense of Melitopol and conducts a defensive operation on the border of the populated localities of Abrykosivka, Rykove, Azov.


As reported, head of the aggressor country Vladimir Putin announced the beginning of “a special military operation in Donbas”.


At about 04:00, February 24, Russia attacked Ukraine and launched war.


On the morning of February 24, the Verkhovna Rada approved a presidential decree on the imposition of martial law throughout Ukraine.


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  1. Ukrainian forces are giants! You are the elite! I love you! Thank you for your huge sacrifice to defend the existance of the ukrainian state!

  2. The only thing i hope for right now is a military coup in Russia, people with some common sense who will take him out of office. This insanity must come to an end.

  3. It seems that the Ukrainian forces are fighting like lions. I hope they can inflict so many losses on the mafiosi, that they will lose heart. Or, that the Russian people will hit the streets in huge masses. Or, that the military will come to its senses and stops this madness.

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